Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Behaviors:

  • Limited or no eye contact, coupled with a refusal or reticence to respond verbally to social overtures from others.
  • Excessive shrinking from or avoidance of contact with unfamiliar people for an extended period of time (i.e., 6 months or longer).
  • Social isolation and/or excessive involvement in isolated activities (e.g., reading, listening to music in his/her room, playing video games).
  • Extremely limited or no close friendships outside of the immediate family members.
  • Hypersensitivity to criticism, disapproval, or perceived signs of rejection from others.
  • Excessive need for reassurance of being liked by others before demonstrating a willingness to get involved with them.
  • Marked reluctance to engage in new activities or take personal risks because of the potential for embarrassment or humiliation.
  • Negative self-image as evidenced by frequent self-disparaging remarks, unfavorable comparisons to others, and a perception of self as being socially unattractive.
  • Lack of assertiveness because of a fear of being met with criticism, disapproval, or rejection.
  • Heightened physiological distress in social settings manifested by increased heart rate, profuse sweating, dry mouth, muscular tension, and trembling.

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