Divorce Reaction

Divorce Reaction Behaviors:

  • Infrequent contact or loss of contact with a parental figure due to separation or divorce.
  • Intense emotional reaction (e.g., crying, begging, pleading, temper outbursts) associated with separation of parental figures and/or when making the transfer from one parents home to another.
  • Persistent fears and worries about being abandoned or separated from a parent.
  • Strong feelings of grief and sadness combined with feelings of low self-worth, lack of confidence, social withdrawal, and loss of interest in activities that normally bring pleasure.
  • Feelings of guilt accompanied by unreasonable belief regarding behaving in some manner to cause parents divorce and/or failing to prevent their divorce from occurring.
  • Marked increase in frequency and severity of acting-out, oppositional, and aggressive behaviors since the onset of parents marital problems, separation, or divorce.
  • Significant decline in school performance and lack of interest or motivation in school-related activities.
  • Appearance of regressive behaviors (e.g., thumb-sucking, baby talk, rocking, bed-wetting).
  • Pseudomaturity as manifested by denying or suppressing painful emotions about parents divorce and often assuming parental roles or responsibilities.
  • Numerous psychosomatic complaints in response to anticipated separations, stress, or frustration.
  • Loss of contact with positive support network due to geographic move.



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