Children's Therapy

Children and Adolescents benefit from therapy when they are experiencing difficulties in life.  Therapy can help them understand of these difficulties, heal them, and change their life.

Legos, Play Doh, Fuzzy Sticks, age appropriate therapeutic games, EMDR therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and relaxation are used with children. 

EMDR therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, relaxation, and age appropriate therapeutic games are used with adolescents.

Difficulties in life may cause children and adolescents to be angry, anxious, depressed, and lying/manipulating.  They may be a victim of physical/emotional abuse, or a sexual abuse victim.  They may have attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, divorce reaction, unresolved grief or loss, low self-esteem, posttraumatic stress disorder, separation anxiety, or social anxiety.  

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